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Nick's Portfolio

Nick is a self-taught full-stack developer, passionate about learning the newest and best technologies. This page functions as a demonstration of some of the many skills he has mastered.



True Full Stack App built with MongoDB, Express and Node. Showcases user authentication, restful routing, and familiarity with non-relational databases.

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Fully functional typing tutor used to learn the Dvorak typing layout. Features intuitive design and custom .svg art.

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Ajax Demo

Ron Swanson Quote Generator that interacts with an API. Separate buttons demonstrate proficiency with XMR, Fetch, jQuery Requests, and Axios.

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Birding Quiz

Birding Quiz for local birders. UX/UI using flexbox. Dom Manipulation with jQuery. Responsive design and .svg art.

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Customizable Cellular Automata simulations: Conway's Game Of Life and Fredkin's Replicator. DOM Manipulation, JavaScript Fundamentals, and FlexBox.

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About Me

Nick is a self-taught full stack web developer. He has multiple certifications, and is proficient in various tools and technologies used for both front-end and back end web development.

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(410) 707-7442